Planting Seeds and Starting Fresh

We’ve all been at a point in life where if we could just wipe the slate clean and start over we would, whether it be our friendships, diet, home decorating, or financial issues. What we wouldn’t give for a mulligan. Those are great, except when unexpected. In our life that has been the face of unemployment.

I have realized we are in a new phase of life. I might even say we are adulting. Giving up money for family time? That would probably sound ridiculous to a lot of people. It probably would have sounded really ridiculous to me years ago. Heck sometimes I wonder if it is, indeed, ridiculous. Then I realized…. we are planting seeds. We are laying roots for family, teaching lessons about priorities to our children, showing them they are important and hopefully in them will bear all sorts of fruit.

So while it’s scary to start completely new, unaware of challenges and questioning our abilities, it’s so important to consider your priorities and weight if the importance of those is worth the risk.


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