The Easiest Dinner there ever was

Y’all, this is a busy season. We’re all feeling those pressures, BACK TO SCHOOL TIME! That means school supply shopping (fresh pencil smell!), back pack stuffing with tissue boxes, trying to get our lives together because it’s a NEW YEAR! I feel like there are two times to start over… new year’s day and first day of school. Both give you chances and the good Lord himself knows I need a redo on life at least twice a year. I’ve stuffed my schedule with cleaning (read that nesting in the 6th month of pregnancy which I will inevitably do 5 million more times in the next 3-ish months), menu planning, and honestly… doing the fun things I thought we’d do over the summer. SO tonight is back to school night, the night we make fools of ourselves in front of our precious baby’s new teacher and hope it doesn’t add to their list of things to talk about in therapy. I needed a quick meal and since we’re starting fresh in the job department, cheap meals are making a popular comeback. This is my fav! IMG_1805.JPG

See that picture? It included steam… if only it included smell.


3 cans italian green beans (any will do but those italians are sentimental to me)

6 red potatoes (just dice those suckers up)

1 pkg smoked sausage (I do turkey)

whatever seasonings you like! (cajun is a hit but salt and pepper will do)

Throw all that in the crockpot on low for as long as it takes to soften potatoes,  tell it thank you for saving so much of life and then walk away like a boss.

Me and the husband put Cholula on it, it’s your life, live it well.


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